Author Guidelines

The authors are required to follow the given instructions thoroughly to ensure that the review and publication process goes through smoothly. Please note that the authors are invited to submit their abstracts and biography for the publishing of video articles after peer-review in the Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials.

Video Article Submission & Review

The invited abstract for the video lecture in the Advanced Materials Lecture Series should be submitted via the Online Submission System, and the abstract will be peer-reviewed before inviting for the recording of the video lecture.

Manuscript Preparation Guideline

Please make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the review and publication of the video article are as efficient and quick as possible. The contents of the video article are the sole responsibility of the authors only and the publication shall not imply any concurrence with the editors or the publisher.

Language: The video articles that are submitted to the journal must be recorded and/or written in clear, concise, and grammatically correct English. Any author who is not eloquent in vernacular English is suggested to get assistance with video manuscript preparation. The reviewers will not check the grammatical errors of the articles and any insufficiency in this area may leave for the detraction from the scientific content of the video article.

Graphical abstract: The authors are also required to provide a Graphical abstract showing a pictorial summary of the video article. Within a glance, the reader should be able to grasp the findings of your work.

Template of Abstract for video article can be downloaded here: Template for Abstract for Video Article

Title of the video article Author Name1, Author Name2* (Include all of those who have made substantial contributions to this present work, even if the abstract was written by the presenting author)

1) Affiliation, City, Postal code, Country

2) Affiliation, City, Postal code, Country

Biography of corresponding author

Please provide a short biography of the presenter in 200 – 300 worlds.

Graphical Abstract

Please make a brief schematic diagram as ‘Graphical Abstract’. Insert those Graphics and Synopsis here. Please make sure that this can clearly illustrate your work.


All forms of the research contribution at the conference must be accompanied by an abstract. In brief, the abstract should concisely describe the purpose of the research, indicate the experimental procedures used, summarize the key findings, and focus on the major conclusions. The abstract should be in one paragraph. Please complete your abstract here within 300 - 500 words.


Keyword 1; keyword 2; keyword 3. (Include 3 - 5 Keywords)


Please acknowledge the funding authorities and other research supports.


1. M. Liu, C. J. Castilho, R. H. Hurt, Advanced Materials Letters, 2018, 9, 843.

Authors' Rights

You can enjoy certain rights as an author of this journal. The video journal publishes its content in open access under a CC by license. The CC by license allows and facilitates the maximum possible dissemination of the open access materials to worldwide readers and viewers. Either author transfer copyright to the publisher as an apart of publishing agreement but have the right to share their video article for personal use, scholarly sharing and internal institutional use, proper attribution & credit for the published work, retain patent and intellectual property right (including research data). For more information, please get in touch with the editorial office.


Proofs will be sent to the corresponding authors via email which should be returned within 48 hours of receipt. If not, this will lead to a delay in the publication of the video article. This is possible as the DOI article identifier is used, which enables the citation of a paper before volume and article ID are allocated. The article in the press will be removed as soon as the video article has been assigned to a volume and the volume has been compiled.